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MEASUREMENT: : Approximately 22 inches wide x 84 inches long. You can request the weight.

Price = $3.75 USD per ounce. MINIMUM order is a 4 ounce batt.
Price = Add an additional $0.15 per ounce if the batt has been dyed.
Price = Add an additional $0.10 per ounce if the batt is from a virgin fleece.

If the wool is dyed, I use dyes boasting extremely high wash fastness and good to excellent light fastness.
Please bear in mind the photo May Be Slightly Different from the actual item in terms of Color due to the lighting during the photo shooting or the monitor's display.
*Babydoll Southdown sheep are born either black or off-white. Even though they are born black and referred to as black sheep, the fleece of many will fade to dark chocolate or lighter shades of brown and even an oatmeal color. As they age, some of the black sheeps’ fleece will fade to different shades of gray, some much faster than other. I ususally only have one or two black fleeces available each year.

Unless otherwise noted, once the sheep were sheared by a professional, all aspects of the processing of the fleece, from raw to finished product was completed by me at the Bergamascos' Babydoll Brigade farm in a smoke free environment. I used a mill to process my scoured/dyed wool into roving/batts.


Babydoll wool is a natural version of "superwash" if you will. I have washed hand knitted items in my front loading washing machine. After washing, I block them to the desired shape and then air dry. I recommend hand washing, blocking, and air drying for "fancy" items (lacy patterns) or items with fringe.

$Varies - dependent upon the weight

Please contact me for inquiries on purchasing. I do not keep batts on hand but will have them custom made to your desired weight on my next mill trip as long as I have the wool available.

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